The rules that a reputable breeder must follow are much different than those of households who have only 1 or 2 family pets.  A breeder is constantly striving to produce the best quality so that they may be exhibited in the show ring and compete towards the Championship title.  Showing dogs is the 'proving ground' where breeders showcase their hard efforts.  It's where we all come together to compete on friendly terms in hopes of having the dog that most closely resembles the standard of perfection for their breed.  Part of this process involves having puppies.  Most of these puppies are placed into pet homes around 8-10 weeks of age.  The very few that I keep are the ones that are closest to the ideal Bulldog and will be my next generation of show hopefulls.  These pups are the ones that I show in hopes of finishing their Championship and than eventually they will also be bred in hope of producing an even better generation of puppies.  As time goes by the number of good dogs I keep increases (if I am doing the right thing in my breeding program) and eventually I find that I am over the number of dogs that I can care for in a fair and healthy manner.

Every good breeder knows what 'number' of dogs they never go over without having to sacrifice the attention and care each dog is given.  If the situation is just 1 or 2 people caring for the dogs, the number of dogs MUST be kept small out of fairness to the dogs.  Each dog requires love, care and most importantly time spent with them.  They should NOT be expected to sit in a crate or kennel the majority of the time.  If I kept every dog that I loved, we would keep them all...... but love is not enough.  You cannot divide the time of 1 or 2 caregivers amongst too many dogs.  There are not enough hours in the day.

Therefore, breeders must care enough for the dogs that have 'done their job' whether it be showing, producing or both, to know when it is time to retire them into a single-dog family home where they can have 100% of the attention and love they deserve.  after all, they have  done everything we have asked of them during the first part of their lives, so we feel that the second part of their lives should be filled with undivided attention and pure fun!  This means many happy years in a new home for one of my Bulldogs.

So the next time you question a breeder selling an adult dog- think about the reality of their situation.  it is not by any means an 'unwanted dog'.  It is a very much loved- kept by the breeder because he/she was the best, which means you will very likely get a Champion dog or certainly a very beautiful and sound representation of the breed- something the new owners can be very proud of!  It is a very much loved dog that the breeder has cared for and enjoyed, but now wants their dog to have the love of a family where he/she will be the 'one and only'.
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Only serious homes that are open to a home check should apply.

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