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Placement Questionnaire
If you are considering a Bulldog, or are interested in a Winsome Puppy, please take a few moments to fill out this general Questionnaire.
If you have questions, or want more specific information, please e-mail me.

While this questionnaire may seem lengthy, these questions are VERY important in our consideration of potential owners, so

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Are you looking for a puppy, adult, or a particular dog listed on the web site?
Do you want a male or female?
Are you willing to take the other sex if your choice is not available?
Are you seeking a family pet or are you looking for a show prospect puppy?
If looking for a show prospect, have you ever shown before?
Do you have a preference in color and if so are you willing to wait for that color to be available?
Are you interested in breeding you dog?
Pet quality puppies are sold with limited AKC registration (meaning not for show or breeding purposes)  Do you have a problem with this?
Have you owned a Bulldog before?
Are there pets in your home now?  If so please tell us about them:
Have you ever had to rehome one of your dogs?  If so please tell us the circumstance:
What is your primary interest in adding a Bulldog?
When choosing your dog/puppy what things are most important? (please check all that apply)
Do you have a fenced yard?
If you do not have a fenced yard how will you control the dog/puppy when outside?
Which best describes your home?
Do you own or rent?
If you rent are you allowed to have dogs that as adults weigh between 45-65lbs?
How many people live in your home?
Is everyone in the house in favor of adding a Bulldog?
Do you have kids? 
Where will the dog live and spend most of it's time?
How long will the dog be left alone each day?
Where will you leave the dog when left alone?
Who will be responsible for the care of the dog?
When is your time frame for bringing home a puppy/dog?
What kind of relationship do you feel you should have with the breeder after the purchase of the dog/puppy?
Have you read the "Is a Bulldog for me" link on my web site?
If you have never owned a Bulldog what type of research have you done on the breed?
Are you aware that Bulldogs cannot tolerate the heat and can easily die of heat stroke on a day that you may not even think is hot.
What characteristics would you like in your puppy?
If we have no puppies available would you like us to make your information available to a small group of other reputable breeders?
Does you home have air conditioning?
Thank you!
Please be patient while I am reviewing your submission.
Please list any other information that you would like me to know when considering you for a puppy or if you have any questions feel free to ask
Do you have a pool or does your yard have access to a river or lake?
Are you willing to attend puppy-socialization and basic obedience classes?
Do you understand the fact that this dog will shed hair?
What do you consider to be the ideal activity level of the dog you hope to own?
Personality of the puppy